Holiday giving made easy
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Shopping can get pretty crazy around this time of the year. Charity campaigns connected make it easy for people to buy gifts for loved ones (and ourselves) and get that warm fuzzy feeling, knowing you helped out a cause.

By: Lisa Lovello

Some people are critical of the business model of buying a product for yourself with the added bonus of proceeds going to an organization compared to simply donating time or money. If you want to make a difference in the Western world, sometimes you have to put a price on something. For example, TOMS shoes (and now eyewear) are now wildly popular, especially with the YAYA demographic. When people buy them, they’re not only getting their own shoes, but they’re paying for a pair of shoes for a child who has none.

With business models like this, if you want to reach the YAYA demographic, you have to make them care about your cause and make them feel like they need your product. It’s a win-win-win for the company, the consumer and the charities.

Zach Sniderman of Mashable recently released a blog post, “6 Tips for Holiday Social Good Campaigns.”  He points out several simple key tips for being successful this holiday season. Especially important is his point about staying relevant. “If you’re supporting developing communities, why not start a campaign to provide off-grid lighting solutions as part of the ‘Festival of Lights’?”

He’s right – you have to make the charity make sense for your company/product/service and cause/charity, otherwise people will just be confused.

TOMS made a particularly impressive and interactive holiday catalog that will be sure to grab the attention of the YAYA demographic and engage them emotionally with the company. These are the kinds of marketing efforts YAYA holiday shoppers pay attention to – it’s fun and different and gives you background into the cause that you may not be aware of. A catalog like this one gets you excited about the new shoes for you and the new shoes for children abroad.

Here’s another Millennial’s take on companies’ charity campaigns. She has her own list of pros from charitywater.org’s model.

It’s refreshing to know that YAYA shoppers don’t consider this a trend; we care about the charities we’re benefiting (and, yes, we’re glad to be getting something out of it for ourselves, too). If marketers continue to target us for cause-connected products, using eye-catching advertising and interactive, in-depth catalogs, we’ll keep opening our hearts – and our wallets.

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