Columbia’s True/False Film Fest Entices the Millennial Generation
5th Mar 2012 Posted in: YAYA Wire 0

By Sarah Frueh

Many of you may not be aware of this, but Columbia, Mo., was on radars all over the country this past weekend, and it wasn’t for college basketball. The True/False Film Fest took over downtown Columbia March 1-4, attracting a multi-faceted audience that spanned across different generations and lifestyles. One thing in particular that struck me was the large representation of Millennials.

Most festivals and the culture that surrounds them tend to attract Gen Y automatically, but True/False does a particularly good job attracting the YAYA market. So what are they doing right that other festivals could mimic?

1. Affordable pricing and student tickets

One characteristic of Millennials is that they are generally price-conscious. Many of them are students, and others are new entrants into the workforce. Although they often do have disposable incomes, they may not be in the position to spend hundreds of dollars on festival passes and tickets. This year, True/False offered $3 single tickets for students to select screenings and $6 single tickets for students to all other screenings. They also have the $60 Simple Pass, which allows access to any film and advanced reservation of tickets, and the $145 Lux Pass, which gains the holder admission to parties and other events in addition to films.

2. A completely walk-able festival

True/False is easily navigable on foot, which makes it appealing to all attendees. This makes it particularly appealing to the YAYA crowd, as they are especially likely to take advantage of the bar and party scenes, which often involve alcohol. Additionally, relatively short attention spans cause Millennials to enjoy hopping around to different venues and bars. True/False is ideal for Gen Y in this way.

3. Great parties with open bars

This one really doesn’t need to be explained. The YAYA generation loves a good party, especially when it’s filled with hip and interesting filmmakers and people from the independent film community. Add an open bar, and you’ve got a Millennial magnet.

4. A quirky and unique atmosphere

True/False has done a great job creating its own special festival culture. From the Jubilee masked ball on opening night, to the March March parade, to the Weird Wake-Up breakfast/film combo event, there is never a shortage of interesting sights to be seen. Myriad art installations and intricately decorated venues further add to the atmosphere of the festival. As a generation used to experiencing new, exciting and quirky things, Gen Y gravitates toward this aspect of True/False.

Have you ever attended a festival? If so, what were some of its best aspects? How can the principles mentioned in the blog be applied to companies and business trying to attract Millennials?


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