Gen Y and The Bachelor – Insight into the Obsession and What it Means for Advertisers
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By Kristine Kuntz

It’s all over Twitter (#Bachelor), the tabloids, and late night talk shows.  Whether Gen Y’s love it or hate it, they are most certainly talking about it.  With the finale coming up next Monday, March 12, 2012, the hype about the Bachelor is at a season high.

So what is it about the Bachelor that is so appealing to Generation Y?  Is it the idea of true love, the exotic locations, the drama, the awkward moments, or maybe a combination of all of these things?

Here are some of the elements that make the Bachelor appeal to the YAYA generation and how you, as an advertiser or marketer, can leverage these as tactics for your company:

1. In a word: Interactivity.

Millennials want their products, and now even their entertainment, to be interactive.  The Bachelors/Bachelorettes are on Twitter, at the bars, and even on college campuses.  Gen Y’s can tweet at the stars and about them, and perhaps meet them. It’s even possible for them to become one by applying to the show.

How it applies to you:

Be available.  Millennials love giving feedback and even more than that, they love to know that you are listening.  Have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, etc. and use these outlets regularly.  The biggest mistake a company can make is think that they are too big or important to listen to their consumers

2.    It is (and isn’t) realistic.

Okay, even though I’m a fan of the show, I won’t sit here and say that every scene is real.  I won’t even say that the love found on the show is always real.  But, in many ways it is realistic. The show is honest about relationships that haven’t worked out in the past, and the producers don’t make false claims that everyone who comes on the show will live happily ever after.

How this applies to you:

The takeaway here is to be transparent and real with clients and potential clients.  Millennial consumers are smart, and they do their research.  False claims about a product or service will get you nowhere with this generation.

3.    Drama, drama, drama.

If you’ve ever watched the show, you know that the contestants, especially the girls, never get along.  While the drama is almost always over the top, they also want to see how the Bachelor/Bachelorette will respond to this tension, which can make or break that person’s legacy.

Ok, where am I going with this?

No, I am not saying that the employees at your company should bash each other and start drama.  This point actually relates back to the interactive element.  Your company will, more than likely, have negative feedback in some way when trying to open up conversations with your audience.  But don’t try to cover up the drama, because again, it is likely that others can relate to it.  Instead of deleting a negative comment, people want to see how you react to it.  Take it seriously and try to fix the situation, and if it can’t be fixed at least try to apologize.

4.    When it’s not a good fit, it’s awkward.

We have all cringed at the awkward moments on the show when two people don’t have a connection.  Whether they sit in silence, make a bad joke, or try to kiss (unsuccessfully), it is difficult for people to watch.  When one person tries to force it, and it’s not being reciprocated, it’s awkward.

How it applies to you:

Don’t be awkward! If you have trouble connecting with the younger 18-24 year old generation, don’t try to force it.  Not everyone can have a successful Twitter presence, and maybe they shouldn’t have one because it wouldn’t make sense for their needs. Talk with a company that offers millennial marketing services and that can help you find a way to integrate your product/service into the Gen Y world.

What other aspects of the Bachelor, or reality TV in general, can be used as tactics to reach Gen Y? Do you feel like your business has a strong presence in the Gen Y market? Share your success!


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