Instagram: The Sky is the Limit
7th May 2012 Posted in: YAYA Wire 0
Instagram: The Sky is the Limit

By: Belinda Kocen

So you’ve mastered Facebook and Twitter and are starting to dabble in Pinterest but you have this nagging feeling that there is more out there? If you feel like you’ve got a solid handle on the already existing social media networks for your business or brand, possibly think about heading over to Instagram. This photo-sharing site has been popular on the iPhone for almost 2 years and has recently been introduced to the Android market. If popularity isn’t enough to sway you to add another social media site to your bucket, add in the fact that Facebook recently decided this application was cool enough to deserve $1 billion. Combine all of these power factors together and you have the next biggest way to reach your target audience.

So how do you really get the most out of Instagram without being redundant? First and foremost, remember that your audience uses Instagram very differently than they use any other social media form. Instagram is not used on a desktop or laptop; it is only currently used via mobile devices. Next, keep in mind that while Instagram can stand on its own as a social media platform, allowing users to like, comment and share, one of its biggest selling points is the fact that it is seamless to share visuals to other social media sites with one click.

With these two key points in mind, what specifically can you be doing to make a presence on Instagram (before your competitors)?

  1. Take photos of your product – Start with the obvious obstacle of taking photos of your product. Link these photos to both your Twitter and Facebook (and Foursquare and Tumblr if you have these) so that your followers know that you are on Instagram. This will hopefully result in more engagement on other social media platforms while building a presence on Instagram. Do you already have product photos? You can upload those to Instagram instead of taking new photos. Monitor which photos get the most response and adjust the types of products you share to cater to your customers.
  2. Take photos of your customers – Do you have a brick and mortar store? If so get out there and interact with all of those great customers! Take photos of them using or shopping for your product and write great things about them. These customers will hopefully share the photo with friends and you will get more impressions. If you have a product that might not necessarily get used in the store try creating a hash tag and asking customers to upload their own photos. For instance, Red Bull uses #givesyouwings and asks consumers to upload photos of sports that gives them wings. Overall you’re looking for an increased engagement here.
  3. Use what describes your brand – Start taking photos of your headquarters, the city your brand is best known in, even spokespersons of your brand. If it is visual and it relates positively to your brand you can upload it to Instagram. Is your brand associated with the outdoors? Get outside and snap a few photos on a trail. Are you specifically a Texas brand? Take photos that describe Texas and your city. This is where the creativity comes in to play. Sit down with employees and let them tell you what your brand and product remind them of and then start snapping away. Anything visual is fair game.

Still unsure of where to start? Jump on Instagram and start searching for company names and get some inspiration from them! The sky is the limit (literally… there are lots of sky photos to be shared!)


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