The iPhone 5 is nothing compared to this
2nd Oct 2012 Posted in: YAYA Wire 2

By Alex Zurawik

 During the primetime screening of the Emmy’s last week, Samsung aired a new commercial promoting their new Samsung Galaxy III, a spot which played during practically every commercial break. In one spot in particular, the new Samsung phone was compared to Apple’s new iPhone 5. The spot pokes fun at the recognizable YAYA waiting in line for the new Apple product. The :60 second spot advances with satirical remarks about the new phone’s anticlimactic capabilities, including a headphone jack on the bottom and an “all digital” connector. One YAYA in line stands by his trusty “SG3” and claims he is only saving a spot in line for someone else – which turns out to be his Baby Boomer parents.

The underlying message of the well-developed commercial is to prove that the Samsung Galaxy III has features and capabilities more applicable to the YAYA market than that of the Apple iPhone 5. Upon further investigation, the Samsung Galazy III does, in fact, live up to its hype.

The Samsung Galaxy III has many features that may appeal to the YAYA market.

  1. There is a new, intuitive direct-call feature.  If you are texting a friend and decide to call them, one simply lifts the phone to their ear and it will dial the friend’s number. This feature is perfect for YAYAs who are constantly texting and sometimes decide that their conversation may, in fact, warrant a phone call.
  2. The Galaxy III will recognize a friend’s face in photos and will share the photo with that friend instantly. For a generation that is fixated on instant sharing and uploading, this feature is ideal for a classic YAYA. Having the capability to share photos without the hassle of tagging, uploading, sending or attaching is revolutionary for YAYAs.
  3. The pop-up play feature allows one to do two things simultaneously. For instance, one is able to watch videos while emailing or texting. YAYAs are habitual multitaskers, and this feature allows them to accomplish two missions at once without any problems.
  4. Last, but not least, is the S-beam feature. The S-beam feature allows two people to transfer pictures, music, videos and more when two Samsung Galaxy III’s are placed back-to-back. This near-field communication is a feature that was speculated to appear in the iPhone 5, but was not actually implemented. Since Samsung has caught on to this feature, it is foreseeable that YAYAs could make the switch in given time.

The Galaxy III also has 4G capabilities and a larger screen display than the iPhone 5. Even though the Samsung Galaxy S3 has more features that may appeal to YAYA’s, will it be enough to counteract the ever-improving iPhone?




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  • Alli Inglebright

    I do not own an iPhone. I’m the proud owner of a HTC. While I very much like my phone and it does everything that I need it to do if I had the choice and was not on my parents plan at US Cellular I would go for an iPhone.

    I like the features of the Samsung Galaxy S III and I think the S Beam is really cool. I just don’t think people will make the switch for a couple of reasons.

    1. You have to find someone else with the Samsung Galaxy S III phone. If they made the S Beam compatible with all Android phones that might work. And I’m sure someday they will. Hell, their chargers are all the same so we are making some big steps.

    2. Apple users are very loyal to the brand. I say this as I type on my MacBook Pro that I love all so dearly. The Apple brand is like the Mrs. Butterworths of phones. People are just not going to switch. Especially YAYAs who are already very band conscience. Remember when Instagram finally make it to Androids? Every hipster in the country freaked out. And you best believe I Instagram the crap out of everything on my Android.

    All the being said, Apple is the devil that everyone loves. I hate that I can’t just take my computer to the Geek Squad at Best Buy when it needs to be fixed, but oo how I love my MacBook. Now if the iPhone would just make it to US Cellular…Ha! Jokes.

    • Xue Liu

      Nice summary! Being a person with two iPhones, three Macs, two iPods and one iPad, I absolutely agree with you that “Apple is the devil that everyone loves.” Although somehow I was disappointed about the iPhone 5, I still don’t want to switch to Samsung or any other brands. To me, Apple is the one I can hardly break up with.