Five Companies Creatively Marketing with Vine
11th Apr 2013 Posted in: YAYA Wire 2
Five Companies Creatively Marketing with Vine

By: Bridget Kelly, Analytics Specialist

What is Vine, you ask? Well, imagine taking an Instagram… except lasting for six seconds.

As companies experiment with this hot, new, video-sharing tool, they explore the creative ways to capture their audiences’ attention. What is specifically appealing to the Youth and Young Adult (YAYA) market, 18-24-year-olds, is the short six-second time frame. It gives marketers just enough time to capture that short attention span of a millennial that is continually multitasking.  So how are marketers using Vine to raise brand awareness? Here are five brands who are doing it right.


1. GAP

This popular clothing brand has taken advantage of the video-sharing tool by taking their viewers through jean history. Gap shows quick clips of their denim jeans from past to present. What a cool way to educate users on your brand’s history!



Social media is a key aspect of this online-only retail company, which is why they have taken full advantage of what Vine has to offer. Instead of just posting a Vine of new products, ASOS encourages users to post clips of themselves unboxing their orders with the hashtag #ASOSUnbox. The company has enhanced user-experience and reliability by getting the user to show their personal experience.



8-3What’s the most picture-perfect love story? A six-second love story where a pineapple falls in love with a bottle of Malibu… clearly a match made in heaven. Malibu Rum took advantage of their Vine by telling a story about when good things come together. It’s a perfect combination of comedy and storytelling to engage the user and convince them that they may be perfect for the tropical refreshment too.



Wheat Thins took advantage of creative visuals by crafting a Twitter campaign to win boxes of their product for Super Bowl game day in San Francisco by tweeting #MUSTHAVEWHEATTHINS. The company created a Vine to spell out the hashtag with, you guessed it, Wheat Thins. This is yet another innovative use of Vine, in combination with Twitter, to engage users effectively.



Bacardi uses Vine to showcase how to best serve cocktails in six seconds. Could there be a better way to provide the exact ingredients, instructions and a video tutorial directly to your followers? Step-by-step processes are a huge trend on Vine, and Bacardi is the perfect example of how to do it right.


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  • Sarah T

    Great article, Bridget! Vine is such a great tool for companies to use to attract Millennials. It’s the perfect amount of time to keep our attention and get their message across. I hope other brands take action and learn from these five who are using it right. It’s going to be the next big thing!

    • Bridget K

      Agreed! The amount of Vines I’ve seen posted has increased immensely in the past week alone!